Wires-X Microphone

Yaesu's Wires-X (Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System) is an Internet based communication system that requires a Yaesu HRI-200 modem and either an FTM-100 or FTM-400 or FTM-300 and a HT radio to communicate with any of the mobiles listed. You can also register for a node and use a FT2D or FT3D and some cable to connect to a computer to get on Wires-X, but you don't get your own node (Wires-X room) as you would with the HRI-200. You also loose the ability to use a hand microphone on your HT. Sure, you can connect to Wires-X repeaters (if there are any available in your area) using any number of Yaesu Fusion radios including the FT991A.

The fun part of having your own Node aka Wires-X room is visitors can QSO into your room when you are on-air. Having to tie up a mobile radio and a HT to use Wires-X is a hassle. W8DMI solved this problem by re-engineering new CB microphones to plug directly into the HRI-200 allowing the ability to be on Wires-X without powering up any radios. The microphone plugs into the HRI-200, the HRI-200 plugs into a computer and you are on Wires-X. W8DMI sells the microphones on eBay, check it out. I have my Node (40766) aka room (W7DDE-Darrel) on-air most every day, most of the day and into the early evenings. I have had countless QSOs come into the room to rag chew. The sound quality is awesome.